Master’s Degree Plan of Study

Common Courses for the Masters Degree

The list below presents courses often included in the plan of studies for the Master’s degree program. There are two options for the Master’s degree: A thesis option (Plan A) which consists of approximately 24-27 credits plus 9 credits of GRAD 5950 for thesis preparation; and A comprehensive examination option (Plan B) which consists of approximately 30 credits plus a comprehensive examination.  Students may select either option to complete their degree requirements.

Recommended Courses for Graduate Students in Educational Psychology: Cognition, Instruction, and Learning Technologies – Master’s Degree

EPSY 5605 Quantitative Methods in Research I

EPSY 5607 Quantitative Methods in Research II

EPSY 5510 Learning: Its Implications for Education

EPSY 5601 Principles and Methods in Educational Research

EPSY 5602 Educational Tests and Measurement

EPSY 5220 Introduction to Educational Technology

EPSY 5515 Professional Seminar in Cognition & Instruction (2 Credits)

EPSY 5530 Theories of Learning, Cognition, and Instruction

EPSY 5520 Instructional Design

PSYC 5420 Cognitive Development