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RonBeghetto_141      Dr. Ronald A. Beghetto
     Professor | Educational Psychology
     Director | Innovation House
     Graduate Program Coordinator | Cognition, Instruction & Learning Technology
     Expertise Creative & innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and  instructional leadership
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brown small      Dr. Scott W. Brown
 Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor | Educational Psychology

     Expertise Problem-based Learning; Learning Technologies; Memory Systems;
     Problem Solving; Decision Making, Learning and Assessment.
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James Kaufman headshot_7518 copy      Dr. James Kaufman
     Professor | Educational Psychology
     Expertise Creativity; Personality; Individual Differences.
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dleu_head      Dr. Donald J. Leu
     John and Maria Neag Endowed Chair in Literacy and Technology
     Professor | Educational Psychology
     Expertise Cognitive and Instructional Issues Related to Literacy and Technology;
     New Literacies of the Internet; Elementary Reading Instruction.
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myoung_head      Dr. Michael F. Young
     Associate Professor | Educational Psychology
     Expertise Situated Cognition as a Theory for Thinking and Learning;
     Development of Instructional Technologies; Log-File Analyses and Assessments.
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