Dr. James Kaufman

 Dr. James Kaufman

 Professor | Educational Psychology
 Expertise Creativity; Personality; Individual Differences.
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Dr. Michael Young

Dr. Michael F. Young

Associate Professor | Educational Psychology
Expertise Situated Cognition as a Theory for Thinking and Learning; Playful Learning
Development of Instructional Technologies; Log-File Analyses and Assessments.
E-Mail: michael.f.young@uconn.edu

Dr. Scott Brown

Dr. Scott Brown

Professor Emeritus | Educational Psychology
UConn Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor
Co-Director, The GlobalEd 2 Project
Senior Advisor, UConn Office of Global Affairs
E-Mail: Scott.Brown@uconn.edu

Dr. Lynch

Dr. Kathleen Lynch

Assistant Professor | Educational Psychology
E-Mail: kathleen.2.lynch@uconn.edu

Dr. Davidesco

Dr. Ido Davidesco

Assistant Professor | Educational Psychology
E-Mail: ido.davidesco@uconn.edu