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Scott Brown Provides Training in Colombia as Fulbright Specialist

Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Educational Psychology Scott Brown, who is certified as a Fulbright Specialist, accepted an assignment that sent him this past month to Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Pontifical Xavierian University) in Cali, Colombia — one of the oldest universities in Colombia, founded in 1623.

Over the course of his two-week appointment, Brown taught two cohorts…(Read full article)

Professor Ronald Beghetto’s article for Education Week Teacher outlining seven resolutions for educators interested in cultivating creativity in their own classrooms.

The arrival of each new year is often met with some level of uncertainty. Given so many impending changes in 2017, it may feel like the coming year is more uncertain than ever. As educators, we can help our students develop their capacity to respond more creatively to uncertainty by making a few slight adjustments in our daily teaching practices.